Pro bono consulting for Sacramento Area non-profits

Organizations I've Helped...

Sacramento Region Community Foundation

“Everything good about our new website is because of Michael. Like many nonprofit organizations’ websites, ours had become a tangled confusion of pages over the years, and much of our relevant content was buried beneath information about long-past events and ad-hoc pages created to respond to one-time community needs. With Michael’s guidance, though, we found order in chaos.

Really, working with Michael was always a conversation, a co-creation. He helped us build an intuitive website architecture that speaks to our various audiences and their various reasons for partnering with us. In a surprising way, we found that walking through the website-building process with Michael helped us see our work anew, too! Needless to say, we continue to rely on Michael’s expertise, which he gives so generously—and from which our work has benefitted so greatly.”

- Vasey Coman, Marketing Associate, Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Attendance Works

“Michael’s deep understanding of website design and architecture and his superb communication skills make a perfect package. Our website had become a virtual library of downloadable tools, research and news for different audiences. Our conversations with Michael enabled us to reprioritize and reorganize our resources in a framework so that each part of our program shines through. The resulting modern-looking site allows every user, from the first-time visitor to a friend, to easily find what they what they need. Thank you, Michael!”

- Catherine Cooney, Communications Lead, Attendance Works

Parent Teacher Home Visits

“Michael’s considerable experience, creativity and willingness to help our staff understand the ins-and-outs of website design were an immeasurable contribution to our nonprofit organization. His help drastically improved both the function and the brand image of our website, putting us in a much better position to help our constituents, raise funds from new sources, and forward our mission.”

- Elaine Smith, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Parent Teacher Home Visits

Verge Center for the Arts

”Verge is a robust, multi-faceted organization with complex web needs. We hadn't had a website upgrade in over five years and with Michael's help we were able to reach beyond our initial expectations to develop a website tailored to our needs. To get there took careful analysis of our existing programs to develop a framework that accurately represented the breadth of programs and resources Verge provides. We are tremendously happy with the outcome!”

- Liv Moe, Founding Director, Verge Center for the Arts

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